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High Profits Sneak Preview

Bat Bridge Entertainment’s new series High Profits premieres this Sunday night on CNN (10pm/9pm Central). Here’s a scene from the opening episode. Warning: some wading-through-of-advertising is required.

High Profits Premieres Sunday, April 19

One night last spring I got a text around 11pm that read simply, “The weed show sold!” Many months later, we’re wrapping up the score to the final episode of High Profits, and I’m excited to post that “the weed show” is poised for its premiere on CNN Sunday, April 19th. The eight-part series was […]

Essentials: Fingerstyle Blues

My latest Truefire course launches this week! Essentials: Fingerstyle Blues offers 10 solo acoustic tunes in a variety of keys, grooves and tempos. Shot with Truefire’s usual high production values and attention to detail, the course includes careful video breakdowns of each tune along with complete notation and tab. Did I mention I love working […]

High Profits

It’s driving my wife crazy that I haven’t told anyone yet, and I still can’t say too much about it, but I’ve begun work on a new show that’s slated to air on CNN sometime this winter. I didn’t score the trailer, but it will give you some idea of what it’s all about.

Pennsylvania Station Blues

The first year I lived in Austin, I moseyed on down to the SXSW film festival to see if I could get in to the Jerry Wexler documentary. Lacking a wristband, I was herded into the have-nots line. With mutual disgruntlement as an icebreaker, I wound up chatting with a couple of other wristband-less, musicianly-looking […]

“Exercise Your Mind”

I recently scored this short film for the Mental Health Channel, a new project just launched by Arcos Films. This episode, “Exercise Your Mind,” is part of the Mental Fitness series.

Truefire Shoot

I shot my first video for Truefire over ten years ago, a sprawling four-CD-ROM extravaganza called Slide Shop. According to the boss, Brad Wendkos, it was one of their earliest original titles, something I was unaware of at the time. All I knew was that I was ambling through the exhibition hall of the winter […]

Fingerstyle Blues Factory

In honor of Bastille Day, my new Truefire course, Fingerstyle Blues Factory, launches today. Lots of foxy closeups of my right hand; good thing I cleaned my fingernails the day of the shoot. That’s hardly a proletarian look, I know, but showbiz is showbiz. I wanted them to give away a free baguette with every […]

Don’t Tailgate Me

Last August I ventured north to Dallas to teach for at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp. I went to teach Dobro, but they have structured bluegrass jams every afternoon, and knowing that I played guitar as well, Gerald put me and Sam Swank, the fingerstyle guitar instructor, in the same room the first afternoon to […]

Music for Lennox

Last summer I worked with GSDM and producer/photographer Aurora Reyes to create a series of web spots for Lennox. It’s always especially fun to do music for animation.