Fingerstyle Blues Factory

In honor of Bastille Day, my new Truefire course, Fingerstyle Blues Factory, launches today. Lots of foxy closeups of my right hand; good thing I cleaned my fingernails the day of the shoot. That’s hardly a proletarian look, I know, but showbiz is showbiz. I wanted them to give away a free baguette with every order, but was told the download technology isn’t there yet. The life of a visionary is fraught with these occasional little setbacks.



  1. Hi David,

    I think I’m going to sign up for your new TrueFire course. Looking forward to it. This might have to replace my inability to get to Dallas this summer.

    This must be a nice event to get behind you.

    Enjoy the summer.


  2. I am a blues fan since a child, learned to play by ear, always rejected blues online curses until I found Fingerstyle Blues Factory. David Hamburger is the first blues man I’ve found so far who has both the feeling and the articulation to explain well. Keep up with the mojo work!


  3. I am currently working my way through 50 jazz blues licks, while my wife is studying your fingerstyle handbook. No matter what room of the house I enter, I cannot escape you.


  4. Roger Chapman

    Great Course! I am about 1/3 the way through it and have learned loads. I am also working on the Standard Tuning Slide course. You are by far my favorite Truefire instructor!


    • Hey Roger,

      Thanks so much! Let me know how it’s going with the slide course; that was kind of an experiment but it seemed like something that might prove useful.

      And sorry for the slow reply; I just learned how to make comments visible in my own blog!!



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