High Profits Sneak Preview

Bat Bridge Entertainment’s new series High Profits premieres this Sunday night on CNN (10pm/9pm Central). Here’s a scene from the opening episode. Warning: some wading-through-of-advertising is required.



  1. Hi! I’ve watched all aired episodes thus far & am in love with the instrumental score
    Songs in this show! Very airy& reminiscent of Patrick O’Hearn & Marconi Union.
    I’d love the opportunity to purchase the songs!! I wish you all the best & hope to catch you
    Live when I come to Austin.


  2. Hi, and thanks for the kind words on the music! And sorry for the slow reply – it’s taken me a while to realize where the comments were waiting for approval on my blog…As far as I know there are no plans to release a soundtrack, but if you do make it to Austin and get to a show please come and say hello!


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