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Peter Keane

  I first met Peter Keane up at Columbia University in New York City, when we were both on the bill one night at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse. The Postcrypt was in a chapel basement and measured about 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide. It had stone walls, a tiny wooden stage and no P.A.; […]

Don’t Tailgate Me

Last August I ventured north to Dallas to teach for at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp. I went to teach Dobro, but they have structured bluegrass jams every afternoon, and knowing that I played guitar as well, Gerald put me and Sam Swank, the fingerstyle guitar instructor, in the same room the first afternoon to […]

Music for Lennox

Last summer I worked with GSDM and producer/photographer Aurora Reyes to create a series of web spots for Lennox. It’s always especially fun to do music for animation.