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“Exercise Your Mind”

I recently scored this short film for the Mental Health Channel, a new project just launched by Arcos Films. This episode, “Exercise Your Mind,” is part of the Mental Fitness series.

Ivan Rosenberg

If I hadn’t just met and hung out with Ivan Rosenberg at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington, TX this past weekend, I would have wanted to meet him as soon as I read his liner notes to 2009’s The Hogtown Sessions. Living in Portland at the time, Rosenberg flew to Toronto with specific […]

Truefire Shoot

I shot my first video for Truefire over ten years ago, a sprawling four-CD-ROM extravaganza called Slide Shop. According to the boss, Brad Wendkos, it was one of their earliest original titles, something I was unaware of at the time. All I knew was that I was ambling through the exhibition hall of the winter […]