Don’t Tailgate Me

Last August I ventured north to Dallas to teach for at Gerald Jones’ Acoustic Music Camp. I went to teach Dobro, but they have structured bluegrass jams every afternoon, and knowing that I played guitar as well, Gerald put me and Sam Swank, the fingerstyle guitar instructor, in the same room the first afternoon to lead the “fingerstyle jam.” After determining that this was not a typo, we quickly turned our mutual perplexity into an excuse to, ahem, “demonstrate” how two fingerpickers can play together and hopefully weave in and out of each others’ way with a minimum of tragic overplaying. Within minutes it became apparent that we had probably grown up listening over and over to the very same dozen and a half records and within a couple of songs, that we could probably play together on just about anything at least one of us vaguely knew and have a grand old time – although I still got lost on “Windy And Warm.” I should learn that tune one of these days.

Music for Lennox

Last summer I worked with GSDM and producer/photographer Aurora Reyes to create a series of web spots for Lennox. It’s always especially fun to do music for animation.

Lost Highway

I’ve been reading Peter Guralnik’s book on country and blues music -and rockabilly, and what it means to succeed, or not, to be on the road, to make records, or not…